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The Modern Folk Poet

Rhymes from Rural Ireland and other tales of delight!


The Modern Folk Poet is a poet, lyricist and musician currently living in South London. He attends folk clubs all over Surrey & Sussex and and can regularly be found in the spotlight there delivering a witty punch-line or two. For TMFP there is inspiration everywhere. Drawing from themes both serious and lighthearted, he weaves words to tell truths in a style that is charming and smile inducing. Renowned for his quirky style and occasionally risqué subject themes, his poems and songs are well loved by those who share his passion for music and verse. Of the verse and music scene he says: - 

"Go to England, Ireland or any country you can think of where the outpourings of human imagination and creativity are valued and you will find the place awash with people who have a natural talent to entertain." 

An ongoing love of Irish music, landscapes, culture, and people inspired Rhymes from Rural Ireland which also is delivered in best Irish accent and with tongue firmly in cheek. Please be assured that this Irish delivery is in HONOUR of the Irish accent, not parody. 

He says: "These tales, are for the most part, based on true anecdotes- though I've enclosed the odd spoof for those who like a little fantasy with their realism! Mainly I've tried to capture some of the humour and the special ways of looking at life that are uniquely Irish".  

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